Before the visit

Prior to the visit

In order to maximize the therapeutic effect of the treatment session, please, mind the following recommendations:

If you have not filled in Medical History Form online or manually,
Pplease, come 15-30 min in advance so to fill in the form prior to consultation session.

Tongue should not be cleaned/scraped for 3 days prior to the visit.
In TCM tongue, its coating (along with pulse reading)is a major wayin assessing overall condition of organs.
Scraping of the tongue would hide its clinical signs, thus, creating an incomplete clinical picture and sometimes even difficulty in establishing the diagnosis.

Do not consume food or beverages containing strong pigment:
These include: berries, beetroots, carrot juice, coffee, black tea, chocolate, red wine, green drinks (chlorella, spirulina, …), etc.

Do not drink coffee/ black tea 3 hours prior to the visit.
* tonifying beverages can affect blood pressure, thus, skewing pulse reading

No alcohol on the day of the visit.
This can affect blood pressure, skew pulse reading as well as weaken therapeutic affect.

No substantial food intakeor do not be excessively hungryprior to the visit.

Generally, weakened people should not exercise or do any strenuous physical activity (ex. prolonged or strenuous bicycling) prior to the treatment.

Fasting patients (Ramadhan, or strict dieting)are discouraged to be treated with cupping, Gua Sha or reducing acupuncture techniques (i.e.those that eliminate pathogenic factors: Wind, Cold, Heat or stagnation of Qi and Blood).

For additional enquiries, please , contact the clinic before planning your treatment session: or phone: +46 08 466 9222.

Before the visit (important!)

Medical History Form fill in online (preferable and advisable) or print out prior to your visit. Thank you!

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Medical History Form
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Medical History Form
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