Rofes-Monicor biological feed back correction

Rofes-Monicor diagnostics and biological feed back correction:

* Offers a quick non-invasive (via electrodes) physiochemical, as well as “energetic” assessment of an individual, also known as EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll), Electro-Dermal Screening, EDS or Meridian Stress Assessment, MSA

* This is an advanced software device that measures (in 115 seconds),electrochemical conductivity and frequency components of biologically active points (acupuncture points) and is used by social, medical and other professionals for overall health assessment, detection of potential health risks, as well as treatment of health imbalances based on the principles of bio-resonance.

* Bio-resonance therapy aims to restore physiological functions of an organism without suppressing or activating them, which allows for a natural healing (more about bio resonance, electromagnetic waves (oscillations) and meridian system

* Monikor screening method is a state-of-the-art adjuvant to TEAM system of diagnosis and treatment, and is the result of the past decade’s research and collaboration of engineers, computer scientists, physicists, medical doctors, psychologists, pedagogues and TCM specialists

* The software is capable in a single session (≈ 1,5 hours) to evaluate a number of integral characteristics in a living system at the stage of functional changes, allowing detection of organ and/or organ systems disorders (up to 2500 functional (somatic) statuses and up to 70 psycho-emotional states) at the preclinical stage (before the illness manifests itself), by way of example, it can:

* Authentically localize the pathological process in the body

* Identify energy imbalance (over-or under activity) of the meridional system (including internal organs and acupuncture points)

* The soft wear programme scans the frequencies of acupuncture points and identifies the “weakest” ones, in real time

* By correcting the weakest point, Monicor is able to offer an optimum acupuncture therapy, by way of example, a general corrective treatment session of 40 minutes can bring a balancing effect to all over-or under active acupuncture points.

* Evaluate psycho-emotional state* as the summation (index) of trophotropic and ergotropic tone (the need of receiving and giving energy)

* Assess the adaptation potential (%) of an individual:* is the index of an individual’s level of balance of his/her internal states - physiological and mental - in response to environmental stress- factors

* Establish the correlation of activity a sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

* Analyse the functional state of the vertebral column and musculoskeletal system

* Analyse the affect of technogenic frequencies (electromagnetic waves caused by technology) on organs and organ systems (in real time, in the room)

* Recognize the frequencies of most microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi)* when programme detects active microorganisms, it is able to deactivate them (with the help of frequencies)

* Evaluate the effect of various supplements (and nutrients) on a particular organ and/or organ systems

* as result of its therapeutic effect, Monicor can also offer:
* Rejuvenation - as a control and harmonization of internal physiological and mental states
* Weight balance, weight loss
* Antistressor procedures: prevention of panic attacks, frustration
* Recovery from fatigue, etc.
* Make a correlation between clinical and paraclinical diagnoses

* following the scan, specialist (as well as patient) receives 2 automatic analytic reports:
* Frequency characteristics' spectrum analysis of changes in body's meridian system with details on symptom complexes as well as syndromes
* Graphical chart of body's meridian structure energy state (by meridians, basic elements, energy constitution YIN-YANG, etc)

* Such report can serve (to both a therapist and a patient) for comparative supervision of patient's before and after state in dynamics with rehabilitation (treatment) efficiency as ell as to observe the processes of changing the patient's state during the course of treatment

* Monikor screening and treatment can be used separately or in conjunction with acupuncture and other TEAM healing techniques