conditions treated (A-Z)

TEAM is a system that seeks to utilize the body’s potential to heal, regardless what the complexity of the disorder is

Therapeutic effect of acupuncture (and other TEAM healing techniques) involves four major signalling networks of the body, that is:

1) Central nervous system, CNS:
* Communicates to other organ systems and body parts via release of neurotransmittersalong the neural pathways (electrical signalling),
* Stimulates other systems (e.g. endocrine system), thus, resulting in the regulation of production of hormonesand cytokines.

2) Endocrine system:
* Communicates to other organ systems (foremost endocrine glands and target cells of various organs) via hormonesthat are transported by the blood (endocrine signalling).
3) Cell signalling system:
Occurs via cytokines:
* Cytokine fr. Greek cyto "cell" + kinisi "movement",
* Are small proteins that are produced by broad range of cells (e.g. immune cells, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, stromal cells, etc.) to communicate to neighbouring cells (paracrine signalling) or to signal about changes within themselves (autocrine signalling),
* Are transported viaintracellular fluid, extracellular fluid or blood, depending on the type of tissue they originate from.
4) Subcutaneous fascia (a form of connective tissue proper):
* Is a fibrous membrane, one of the largest and most extensive body organs, where electrical, cellular and tissue remodelling signals are responsive to mechanical forces (e.g. massage, acupuncture, Gua Sha, acupressure ,cupping , etc.),
* Is found in between other tissues everywhere in the body (e.g. neural pathways, bloodand lymph tissue, and supportive tissue like cartilage and bone) and serves as a 'body-wide signaling network', that transmits mechanical signalsto and from the abundant fibroblasts, immune, vascular, and neural cells present within tissues(mechanical signalling).

If you are uncertain whether acupuncture can help you, you are welcome to write an email to where you can briefly describe your condition.

Our therapist will reply to you with 24-48 hours.

The systemic healing response of the body to acupuncture allows the treatment of various conditions and disorders, some of them include:

Addictions (withdrawal symptoms)
Circulatory system disorders
Digestive tract disorders:
* constipation
* diarrhea
* bloating
* nausea
* pyrosis (heartburn)
* Crohn’s disease
* colitis
* diabetes
* thyroid
Erectile dysfunction
* eczema
* acne
* psoriasis
Facial paralyses
* IVF assistance
* amenorrhea (absence of menstrual period)
* polymenorhea (< 21 days menstrual period) * oligomenorhea (> 35/36 days menstrual period)
* menorrhagia (heavy or prolonged menstrual period)
* dysmenorrhea (painful periods)

* irregular menstrual period
* cysts
* polycystic ovaries (pcos)
* endometriosis
* fibroids
* PMS:
** breast distention
** headaches
** bloating
** tiredness
** digestive upset
* allergic reactions
* tiredness
* weight loss aid
* physical and mental rehabilitation
* hay fever
* sinusitis
Mental/emotional disorders
* anxiety
* insomnia
* depression
* mood change
Migraines & headaches
Menopausal symptoms
* hot flushes
* night sweating
* depression
* mood change

Musculoskeletal disorders
* back pain, lumbago
* carpal tunnel syndrome
* neck pain
* frozen shoulder
* sciatica
* tennis elbow
* knee pain
* repetitive strain injury
* sports injuries
Indeterminate / aches and pains
* fibromyalgia
* joint aches,swelling, etc.
Pregnancy care
* morning sickness
* pre-conception care
* induction of labour
* arthritispain relief
* arthrosis pain relief, etc.
Respiratory system disorders
* asthma
* bronchitis
* coughs and colds
* stress related illness
Urinary/kidney disorders
* cystitis
* oedema/water retention
* other physical activity, stress management, etc.
* contact the clinic for further information