Scalp acupuncture

Scalp acupuncture, SA

SA combines TEAM and conventional Western Medical knowledge of the Cerebral Cortex and diagnosis, is highly effective for all psychological and somatic disorders, and has especially good effect on CNS injuries,
* for example, such trauma as brain hemorrhage and skull injury causesQiand Blood stagnationthat can be effectively treated with SA.

Today, SA comprises several acupuncture schools, each of them specializes on deferent type of disorders, for example Fang Yun Peng Scalp Acupuncturefocuses on motor system, neurological system and cardiovascular system, Zhu Ming Qing Scalp Acupuncture on neurological and internal diseases, Lin Xue Jian: Scalp Acupuncture treats psycho-emotional and various neurological disorders.

SA activates cranial sutures (connective tissue joints on the scalp), for example the Coronal Suture and Sagittal Suture are often activated, as well as many scalp lines that are located on the area of Anterior fontanelle.

By activating these sutures and the scalp areas, SA stimulates the nerve endings underneath.

SA indications

All psychological and somatic disordersespecially CNS injuries, among them:

Motor and sensory disorders in CNS and peripheral NS:
* lack of motion or lack of fluidity of motion, muscle coordination, balance disturbance,
* lack of sensation,
* pain or abnormal sensation of different areas (e.g. burning, numbness, twitching, cold sensations),
* tremors/twitching/ spastic muscles, etc..

Systemic disorders:
* primary hypertension,
* cerebral oedema,
* vertigo (dizziness),
* outer and inner ear disorders,
* vision disorders,
* gastrointestinal disorders,
* reproductive disorders, etc.

Psycho-emotional disorders:
* depression,
* emotional apathy, indifference, slow reactions,
* memory loss,
* insomnia,
* phobias, etc..

SA procedure

SA is safe and is characterized by shallow needle insertion (needles do not reach the scalp (bone)).
Needles are retained minimum of 28 min.

SA can be performed alone oris usually combined with body acupuncture and moxibustion during treatment session.

When daily treatments are given SA and Body Acupuncture can be performed alternatively.

Electro acupuncturecan also be applied to the needles on the scalp, it is often used to stimulate the scalp lines and increase the treatment efficacy in a short period of time.

After SA treatment:

First 4 hours post treatment, tension can be felt in the head, this effect is the result of increase of Qi and Blood circulation to the scalp and can last for several days.

Treatment frequency:

Acute or severe stage → every day,
Recuperation stage → every other day,
Preventative stage → once a week to once a month (alternating between body and scalp acupuncture).


Skull defects, open brain injury, ulcers, scars on the scalp,
Pregnant women,